MAZDA Service 101: Signs You Need Brake Service

March 5th, 2022 by

Mazda service

Your brakes’ reliability should never be left to chance. Driving a vehicle with brake issues is incredibly dangerous. We encourage you to watch out for these warning signs that you may need brake service and to schedule Mazda service at Medlin Mazda as soon as you notice them.

You Hear Unusual Noises

We’ll all heard it before, if not from our own cars, then when someone pulls up to a red light – a screeching, ear-piercing squeal. Our brakes are designed to give us an audible warning when something is amiss.

Keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be a squeal. Grinding, rattling, or clicking noises can also signal and issue with your brakes.

Your Brake Pedal Feels Squishy

Brakes are meant to respond to even the slightest pressure from your foot on your brake pedal. Naturally, if you push your foot down and the pedal feels spongy or unresponsive, that can be alarming.

Typically, this is the result of air in your brake lines, which keeps your brake fluid from flowing smoothly. If your brake pedal ever feels soft, make sure you have your brakes inspected.

Your Steering Wheel Vibrates

Does your steering wheel shake when you are idling, or even as you drive or brake? There are lots of issues that can warrant a shaky steering wheel, including problems with your brakes.

These are a few of the potential culprits:

  • Your rotors are worn or warped
  • Your tires are out of balance
  • Your brake calipers are stuck
  • Your wheels are misaligned

Are you overdue for brake maintenance or need repairs? For your safety, make sure you visit our auto service center in Wilson, NC for the care you need as soon as possible. After all, your safety is our top priority. Come see us today!

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